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InLace is a brand of solid surface material, quite similar to the well known Corian® brand of countertops. The color and visual texture go through the entire thickness of the inlay or casting. is closed to new orders. Orders placed in the shopping cart before it is closed will be deleted.

InLace Book .com is a full line supplier - the only independent full line supplier of the InLace brand of resin inlays. We stock every InLace Kit in every color and both sizes - every additive in every color and every size - and all miscellany. Large Kits only $24.00. We stock every item, ship 'same day' six days a week, and NEVER drop ship merchandise. It's all right here - ready for your order. We also charge 'actual cost' shipping, NEVER any bogus 'handling or processing fees'. Quality products at honest prices - always in stock - always ready for your order.

'Actual Cost', 'Same Day' Shipping

'Best Deal Shipping'

This means just what it says. We charge 'actual cost' of shipping only - USPS Priority Mail - no added 'fees' or 'handling charges' - ever. All orders received, packed, and paid before 4:30pm EST Monday through Friday, will ship that day. Orders ready for shipment after that time will ship the next business day. Note: We also ship on Saturday; 11:00am EST is the cutoff time, but this also means that all late Friday orders will ship on Saturday. Orders that are not shipped 'same day' will ship the next business day.

We are slogging away with our projects, but Betsey Sloan has an book specific to the InLace brand of inlay resins. Published by Schiffer, it is in stock and ready for shipping.

InLace Techniques:   Resin Inlay for Gourd and Wood Crafts.

We give sections of this publication (primarily poor product color sample pictures) a tough review, but give the book a 'buy' recommendation. Need good color samples? This is the place to be anyway.

Would you like to showcase your projects where other InLace users will appreciate the work? If so, just contact us at Once we have the pictures and text, your personal gallery will typically be activated within 72 hours. Send us pictures, and provide any comments you wish specific to each picture. Comment about your work in general. Offer up 'tips and techniques' that others may benefit from.

As our name implies, InLace Book .com is looking well beyond simply being the obvious first choice as an InLace supplier. We are in the process of gathering product usage information and preparing projects for publication. There is a 'learning curve' to using the products, and we feel that a publication dedicated to the brand will be extremely helpful to many artists, crafters, woodworkers, and gourd enthusiasts. InLace Book .com is working with artists around the country that use InLace in their projects. While working directly with users, we are also seeking custom InLace 'recipes', as well as project and presentation suggestions. Nobody knows a product or subject better than those who also work with it directly. Your input, as an InLace user, is encouraged and welcomed. We are also studying the MSDS sheets provided by the owner of the brand to help ensure that product specifications and usage guidelines are clear, correct, and presented better than ever before.

If you would like to comment, suggest, or contribute - just contact us at We value all comments and suggestions - anything that will help produce the best work possible.

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